Metal Messiah

Hello there, I'm originally from TAMPA, Florida. But lately I've been travelling abroad for some work (asia pacific region)

METAL/ROCK music is my profession. I've been involved with many underground bands worldwide, and have promoted them as well, apart from playing some gigs. I like playing PC games, mostly First Person Shooters.

I'm a very broad-minded and down to earth guy. I don't like cheap jokes and humor. LIFE is very serious for me, but I try not to get depressed about things related to family/society, and the like. MUSIC is my inner expression, and SOUL. Cheers !

Kindly PM me, if you want to talk about METAL/ROCK music, or any other genre for that matter. LIFE is an illusion, and we are so much engrossed with ourselves, that we fail to realize what KARMA is. I like speaking with spirits, ANGELS, GENIE, and fairies and other netherworld powers.

I can easily make a BOND with any of them, when I meditate and focus in silence....It's pure BLISS ! It helps me to realize my true INNER SELF.


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