Cheat Evolution Beta 3 released


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  • Support for unlimited number of cheats.
  • Support for editor/custom value types added.
  • Multiple game exes are now supported. Notable examples Borderlands 3, Ghost recon breakpoint.
  • Several minor bug fixes & improvements
The app will auto-update or you can manually download the new version from download link.


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You invite people to scan your files so I'd like to make you aware that Windows Defender identifies your main as a Trojan.
Hmm, looks like due to popularity of CEV increasing, AV are picking it up.

It's a false positive. Antiviruses don't like trainers and cheat evolution app has multiple trainers in it that are downloaded from Internet so it pick it up as such.

I'll contact Windows Defender to whitelist it. Hopefully, other antiviruses haven't gone full retard yet.

PS: If you read the description of the detection - executes commands from an attacker. Well, duh. The app downloads from website and runs the trainer.

Windows Defender itself acts like a virus but you don't think it's a trojan, do you? Because it's MS. Same behaviour from an unknown company is dangerous (unless you pay up and buy a fancy publisher license costing $$$ which will say Cheat Evolution when you launch the app and it's trustworthy then)

Don't know if you understand that but that's what's going on.
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Scanned with Windows Defender, nothing detected.
Trainer working good so far with Just Cause 4 :)

I have a sentence from other site
"Antivirus", which you should not trust, as they can mark any application as a trojan for money:
Ad-Aware, Arcabit, BitDefender, CAT-QuickHeal, Emsisoft, F-Secure, GData, Ikarus, MAX
In general, most antiviruses, for a fee, will mark the application you need as a virus. This is their business.
This is the reason why xxx is detected as a virus.


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Yeah most AVs are dumb af. They give false positives most of the time
Here's a SS of my Trainer's VirusTotal scan and you can see - 20/68 really???Untitled.png

Some are just catching CE signatures and some are heuristics, the one saying 'Keylogger' is picking up my Triggerbot code in which there is an automated keypress and some are not sure what it really is...