Cheat Evolution v2.2 Released


Staff member
A new update v2.2 is now available!

With this update, we are rebranding the app back to Cheat Evolution

Don't worry, our awesome team and all the trainers are still there 😅 By rebranding, we hope to resolve any confusion some of our new users had with the naming and enable us to launch our biggest update yet this year! (coming soon)

- Hotkey Settings are now permanently saved, as requested.
- Changes to the app backend to allow us to better deal with targets like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 etc with tricky anti-cheats
- The wolfenstein girl will no longer greet you
- Fixes/changes/improvement to the old linking structure.

@everyone This is an important update so please update and don't stick to old versions like some of you are (WHY?!!!).

The app should auto-update but you can also download it from here