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To make it easier for requesting game trainers for titles you would like a trainer for I thought I'd suggest a format for requesting a trainer. Please note, you do not HAVE to follow this but it would sure help the trainer makers if they knew at least what you were hoping for in a trainer (if the options you desire are possible, of course).

Game = Name of the Game
Distribution(s) = Store in which you purchased the game from & want a trainer made for that version of the game (e.g. Steam, EPIC, Windows Store, uPlay,
Desired options = A list of options you would like to see in the trainer for this game.

Trainer Request Template:
Thread Title: [REQUEST]

Desired options:

Example Trainer Request:
Thread Title: [REQUEST] Crackdown 3

Game: Crackdown 3
Distribution(s): Windows Store
Desired options:
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • XP editors
  • Infinite Jump/Jetpack

The more people follow this guideline, the easier it will be for trainer makers to create your desired trainer.

NOTE: The current layout may be altered over time.
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