Cheat Evolution 1.0 released!


Staff member
I am so happy to announce that Cheat Evolution app is finally out of beta after being tested for months and a stable release version is out now.

You will be prompted by the app about a new version being available.

What's New

Clickable Hotkeys has been added which is the most requested feature by our users. Took a long time than we expected but it's here!!​

Hotkeys can now be edited to your choice.​

The updater in Cheat Evolution is now a lot smarter and will work better than before.​
Design improvements. Things are changed/moved around a bit to make the app look better!​
See it here​


There have been a lot of internal bugfixes and improvements to the app and the site itself. If you have noticed the site speed is super fast now.

New team member

Some of you have already seen him, Rhark is the new addition to our team. He has been pumping trainers out like crazy ?

Not long ago he was just a user asking us for more trainers in the app, now he's the one making trainers ? Pretty awesome.

Welcome Rhark to the team.


We took a really huge hit from Google search recent algorithm change but that hasn't stopped us and the growth is amazing.

Cheat Evolution app has been used by 100,000+ users since we first launched last year.

We earned 400 YouTube subscribers during this time.

I know these are not impressive numbers but we started from zero completely unknown and look where we are!.

If you liked what we have done with the app so far and the direction it's heading, you can help us by spreading the word about Cheat Evolution. Tell your friends, post about Cheat Evolution on your Facebook, Twitter or website to people who might be interested in gaming like you.

Where is it? How do i download Cheat Evolution?

If you already have the app, just run it and you will get a notification about the update.
Alternatively or if you're a new user, you can download the new version yourself. Click the link below and download will start automatically.

Download it here