Start of website and BETA release of Cheat Evolution App!


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This post officially marks the beginning of Cheat Evolution app!.

The app is in beta stage right now and more features are being added as we go forward. This is the BETA 1 version atm.

What is Cheat Evolution?

It is basically a multi-trainer tool but with a lot more features than simple trainers could ever do. Such as

  • No More Searching
    Searching for individual cheats for games you like is a thing of past!. All cheats in one simple app!.

  • Simple yet Powerful
    Cheat Evolution App is designed with one goal in mind - Functionality. Get started cheating faster

  • Huge collection of cheats!
    OK, just kidding ;). We just STARTED but our collection of cheats is growing everyday!.

  • Auto-Updates!
    Downloading cheats for a new game version is a thing of the past. Download the app once and all your cheats will be updated automatically whenever needed!

  • Safety!
    Cheat Evolution is distributed as portable app so you know exactly what it contains. Feel free to run any file monitors and virus scans. It's safe :)).

  • Easy to Use!
    Start the app, navigate to your cheats and then just press the hotkeys for cheats you wish to activate!

How does it look like?

Not very fancy but the app isn't designed to be fancy. Purely functional and exceptionally easy to use.

How do i use it?

Run the game, run the app and cheat away!. Trainer automatically detects that game is running. You just need to press the hotkeys.

Alright then, tell me where do i download it?

Here is the download page:

Congrats on being the first users of the app. History in the making here :eek:

Happy cheating! :D


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We use Themida to protect our application. Some antiviruses especially the crappy ones have a problem with that even though we use taggant.

I feel like the protection gained is worth it over the false positives it gives.